Booking online

New Booking system is in place for booking game dates at

Simply pick the ticket date then select number of tickets needed and provide name and contact details for ticket (multiple tickets will require a full name for each ticket purchased).

Once payment has been received your ticket will be emailed to you with your details provided on ticket, if you have purchased multiple tickets the email will contain multiple tickets with name of each attendee on each ticket.

If you are buying tickets for a group please forward on email to all relevant attendees as there will be no entry without tickets (you can show ticket on mobile phone or print out ticket it’s up to you).

Any questions please contact Jonathan on 086-4118610

Covid-19 Update

Important Information about COVID-19

Health and Safety is the number one priority of URBAN-ASSAULT. Since our very first day, we have held an impeccable standard of cleanliness to every aspect of our business. As recent developments have put into perspective, URBAN-ASSAULT is proactively responding to this to provide the very highest level of care to our customers.

  • URBAN-ASSAULT Ensures all our Equipment is fully cleaned after each use, we sterilize using both disinfected materials and UV Lighting, this ensures that equipment is fully clean and ready for your use
  • URBAN-ASSAULT has producers in place to ensure that social distancing is ensured and full operational during your visit
  • URBAN-ASSAULT has Sanitizing units at all key points around the site
  • Effective June 2020, we are removing physical waivers and inviting players to download and sign their own waivers or complete them digitally online.
  • URBAN-ASSAULT has set up NEW areas to get ready in on your arrival whether you are driving or being dropped off
  • We are offering free change of date for all bookings currently made or bookings made in the future.

Above all, our concern is for your well-being and safety while you are visiting us, if you have any further Concerns or Questions Please feel free to contact us

Players Assemble!!!!


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