Milsim Rules

 Urban Assault MilSim Rules


You may carry loose ammo on your person; however, you may only reload either @ Your FOB or a Regen Point that is not under fire

Rifleman – 600rds (On Their Person Only in Mags Per Life)

LMG’s 2000rds (On Their Person Only in Mags Per Life)

Snipers/ Shotguns – 200rds including pistol mags

Grenades – x6 per person, (Per Life, Please Note if you have Multibangs BFGs you may carry 6 Rounds Only)

Anti-Personal Devices x 4 per person (On Their Person Per Life)

40Mike Grenades x2 per person (On Their Person Per Life) 

You may not use or steel another players ammo unless they give you permission to share.

Knife / Silent Kills

Knife kills are allowed, however you must have a training weapon to simulate it, no hands, Knife kills include the normal bleed out time, you must count out in silence and not aloud  


5-meter effective radius unless behind solid cover such as a Wall, Adjoining Room

Grenade Kills, do require a Bleed Out  

Regen & Medic Rules:

Players can be healed anywhere. You may assist a wounded player by moving them slowly to cover however you must be visibly assisting them having your arm around them. No pulling, running, or dragging people, any infringements will result in instant death for anyone involved. A repeat offence will result in expulsion from the event. Medic Role can be swapped out at any regen point or FOB.

The Medic must have a medic patch on both their shoulders and a 5 x 5″ medic symbol on the rear center bag. The medic must carry IV Blood bags for wounded team members. Bags & Medic Patches will be supplied.

When Hit: Shout out a loud yell “MEDIC”, Drop to your knees or Crouch, Remain in that position, You made be moved by a team member to a safe location to be medicated, He must put his arm around you and move you slowly to an area of his choice, during this maneuver if he lets go of your person you must drop to the ground and not move

First hit: Tourniquet – Anyone can apply a tourniquet to a wounded player. Bring your own Tourniquet. ONLY Proper CATs are acceptable

Second hit or consecutive hits – Section Medic must ONLY attend to the wounded player. The wounded player May ONLY Neel or crouch on the ground and the section medic dispenses an IV Blood bag. Section medics will be issued with Blood bags & Medic Bags, Only the section medic can carry blood bags and must refill blood bags at their FOB. Blood bags can NOT be stolen from wounded enemy medics and can be used, as necessary. Players can be revived as many times as IVs are available.

If you are not revived within 5 minutes, you have bled out and must return to a regen point under your control or return to your FOB. If your FOB is under attack, you will be given an alternative respawn point. You may not use a regen point that has enemy within 10 meters off it. 

All Dead Players returning to their FOB or Regen MUST display a DEATH RAG, indicate their dead or they may be engaged by opposite forces

Note: Bleed out is 5 minutes for all type of kills

Capture & Interrogation:

To capture an enemy player, you must heal them while they are bleeding out. Prisoners can be told to hold zip-tie or loop of rope to represent their hands being bound. Players with “bound hands” cannot use them unless they cut the loop or are released by other players.

Heal the bleeding out player using medic rules to stop his bleed out time. All discovered weapons are to be made safe by the captured player. If a prisoner escapes, they must Escape & Evade FOR 20 Minutes, before they can use any of their Platforms

(This again is giving the Realistic Feeling to the Game) 

Prisoners can be searched with the players consent for Intel or weapons.
If no consent is given or the player is under 18, they must give up ALL Intel and declare hidden weapons.

Players may not take ammo from the magazines of dead or injured enemies.


1, Planking – Player must assume the position and keep their back straight for 2 minutes,

2, Stress Position – Crouch Down with your knees at a 90% angle while holding their Platform in their hands pushed fully out from their chest for 2 minutes

Each Player may attempt either twice, you may forgo the interrogation & answer the questions truthfully   


(ONLY Players May Preform an Interrogation in the presence of Commanders / 2ICs)

Transporting Prisoners:

Prisoners are not to be brought directly to a FOB. Prisoners are to be brought to an allocated location where a vehicle will pick them up for transportation to an interrogation area, Designated by their Commander on the Ground. Captured enemy may be blindfolded by do deny them gaining Intel while in captivity


Radio Frequencies will be allocated to each section.

We insist that all players bring their own radios, as Communication between Troops is Vital, Only Command Radios will be issued to Commanders Only

Commanders that have being captured may turn of their Command Radio for OPSPEC reasons, However Radios weather Personal or Command may not be captured

(Players, Section Leader & Medics Please Bring your Radios)


Vehicles cannot be destroyed, nor can the occupants be killed while in or on a vehicle.

Players are only vulnerable if they are in the back of the Vehicle once they are in the Crew Cab it is classed as ARMOUR. This is to replicate armored personnel carriers. Occupants may NOT fire from moving vehicles but may exit them while stationary and engage if required

Do NOT attempt to drive off any in game vehicle or remove the keys. There are designated Driver’s assigned to each Vehicles for the duration of the game. Vehicles cannot be destroyed whilst occupied by a driver, however unattended vehicles can be disabled for 30mins by turning on the hazard lights.

This is to simulate their armored Capability and allow for game flow, You may build road blocks to deny them movement and the occupants may not drive thought them however they may debus and remove the blockade to proceed, You may surround a Vehicle to block its exit, Once its blocked in the only way out is for the occupants is to debus and fight their way out.

You may not jump in or out of a moving vehicle while it is moving this includes the bed on the back, if this happens the vehicle will be taken out of action for 30 minutes   


There will be in game drones for the duration of the Game, The Purpose is for Real Time Intel, Troop Movements & Recce Purposes, you may avoid them by staying in wooded areas, going to group when heard or seen, using building as cover etc.

You are not to engage these under any circumstances, if you do and caught, you will be asked to leave the game

Drones will have a strike capability, this will happen when a drone drops a NERF Bomb it has a 10 meter kill radius from the center point of where it lands, Medic Rules applies to these strikes

Loadout and Weapons Rules

These rules are extremely important to the realism of our BattleSims, please follow these guidelines to the Faction SPEC

1, All Players Must have a Proper CATs & Death Rags

2, All Players Must only use Midcaps No Exceptions, unless stated in the AMMO LIMINITS  

3, All Loadout & Headgear must be as per Faction Spec, if you are unsure Contact us

4, All Platforms must be a per Faction Spec, again if you are unsure Contact us

Urban Assault Marshals

We will have NO OVERT Marshals, marshaling on the day,

If you encounter any form of Rule’s being broken, you may approach and discuss.

There will be a number of embedded Marshals based in each faction, whilst they are Playing for the duration of the game, They’re main function is to make sure no rules are being broken and Gaming runs smoothly, if this happens they will step out of their Role and display their Urban Assault hi-vis vest & deal with any situation that may arise, Please Respect their Decision, Their Ruling is FINAL.

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